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Tips for Holiday Feasting Without the Guilt

Cindy Jacks

Let’s get real, with the holidays right around the corner, the last thing you’re thinking about is losing weight…Tis the season of indulgent feasting. 

But chances are, you are still thinking about maintaining your health while still enjoying  a few servings of your aunt’s famous pumpkin pie. 

So, here is some practical advice to keep in mind as you hustle through the holiday  season with good health:

Eat the Pie…. It is okay!

We all know Thanksgiving is the carb-fest meal of the year, so to keep yourself and your  health on track, be mindful about the choices you make up until the day of the  feast…Then feast for the Holidays without the guilt.  

Consider these Carb-swapping ideas: 

Rice/quinoa —> Cauliflower rice 

Noodles —> Zucchini noodles 

Roasted potatoes —> Roasted radishes 

Wraps —> Lettuce wraps

Take a rest day (or days) from the gym

Rest days are important for our muscles to heal and grow properly. And since you may  have the whole family visiting from out of state for Thanksgiving, do not be afraid to  swap out some gym-time for quality time with family and friends  

Consider the following time-swaps: 

Join in on a 5k run fun fitness event 

Take a family walk after the big meal – a powerful way to connect with nature re Practice a little post-meal digestion yoga flow or a fun dance with your guest to  add to the merriment of the season – celebrate with movement 

Healthy & Happy Holidays to You  

If you are looking for extra support with your mindset or nutrition this holiday  season- it is not too late to join the Holiday Hustle Program. Click the Let’s Talk button to set up a FREE consultation for a NEW YEAR – NEW YOU!


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